At ANDALUSIAN HORSE CONNECTION (“AHC”) we specialize in selecting and importing the highest quality Pure Bred Spanish horses – P.R.E. (Pura Raza Española), also known as Andalusian horses.  We import and sell talented P.R.E. dressage horses, as well as other Iberian horse breeds, in all price ranges and levels, ranging from Training Level to FEI Grand Prix.  Each year, AHC travels to Spain to select, vet, import, and offer an exclusive number of P.R.E. horses for sale. Our P.R.E. horses are meticulously selected for their overall temperament, conformation, movement, manners, rideability, trainability, and dressage aptitude.  Our focus is to pair our clients with nothing short of the perfect P.R.E. for their specific needs.  

When our clients buy a horse from us, we want to make sure that they are fully equipped to enjoy their new P.R.E. horse. This is why we also offer Dressage Training & Boarding services specially optimized for Andalusians.  These services are provided by Julie Cochran, a USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer and USDF Gold Medalist, who successfully competes and trains P.R.E. and Iberian horses up to Grand Prix Level.

Bringing together the right horse with the right owner, is what we do, and we do this because we love it; it’s that simple.


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