AHC purchases and imports horse from Spain to the U.S.  Those horses that have already been imported into our U.S. facilities
in Georgia are available for your to try and ride in our facilities, by appointment.  
You have the opportunity to evaluate and select the horse in person, and make sure this is the right one for you.  

All horses that have been imported are Piro negative and  have a set of x-rays and pre-purchase report available for your review.  

We only select the best of the very best.  After test riding, we can help you arrange for your own vetting.  

We can also recommend professional haulers to deliver your horse.   

Our focus is to pair you with the right horse, and make the purchasing process easy. 

Call or email us, if you would like to try one of our imported horses in our facilities.

If you are not finding what you are  are searching for, let us know, and

we will help find your dream P.R.E./Andalusian/Iberian horse!




At AHC, we travel throughout Spain to find the best available horses, some of which have not yet been 

imported into our U.S. facilities in Georgia.  Horses that are still located in Spain are priced on our website

DO NOT include the cost of import to the U.S.  However, we are available to make all of the import arrangements on your behalf, door-to-door, to bring your new P.R.E./Andalusian/Iberian horse home

We have had lot of experience importing horses from Spain, and we have certainly learned a LOT about the importing business.
If you use AHC to import your horse, we handle all of the details and arrangements.  
All you have to do is sit back and wait for your new horse to arrive. It's that simple.

Call or email us, and let us know exactly what your goals are,

and we will find a way to help you bring your dream horse home!