Andalusian Horse Connection ("AHC") specializes in sourcing talented Spanish dressage prospects and sport horses, ranging from Basic Training to FEI Grand Prix, some of which are ONLY available to AHC.  We are also one of the very few U.S.-based sellers of P.R.E. horses that regularly travel to Spain, to evaluate and select the horses in person; to make sure we only import the very best.  While we primarily focus on young horses with outstanding potential for sport and accomplished P.R.E. horses with impeccable dressage records and aptitude for the sport, we also frequently find and import exceptionally beautiful and safe trail/pleasure horses upon demand. 

We go to great lengths to match the RIGHT horse with the RIGHT rider, depending on the rider’s specific needs, budget, timing, etc.  We travel to Spain several times a year to see, evaluate, and try numerous horses, only selecting the best of the very best, after testing riding and arranging for thorough vetting with the most renowned veterinarians in Spain.  Our horses are meticulously evaluated for their overall temperament, conformation, manners, rideability, trainability, health, and overall sport aptitude.   Our focus is to pair our clients with nothing short of the perfect one-of-a-kind P.R.E. for their specific needs.  

Call or email us, and let us know exactly what you are searching for, and if we don’t have it, 

we will find your dream P.R.E./Andalusian for you!




A unique offering of AHC is Dressage Training & Boarding specially designed for the P.R.E. horse.  Implementing Classical riding principles will get the best results on your P.R.E.  Depending on the level of the training of the horse and rider, you may need a little help getting started "on the right hoof" so to speak and/or bringing your horse to the next level.

We have met many Andalusian/P.R.E. owners that don't have access to high-level trainers, because of location or logistical problems, or would prefer to train them themselves but don’t have the high-level coaching needed to develop their P.R.E.  

Andalusians have great temperaments and tend to learn quickly, but they are also extremely sensitive horses, and care must be taken to train and develop them correctly.  Having access to an expert help train and develop your horse properly, can make a world of difference, and will allow you and your horse to achieve your goals in a safe, efficient, and successful manner.

This is why we offer Dressage Training & Boarding services, specially optimized for P.R.E.s through Julie Cochran in the Atlanta, Georgia area.   Julie Cochran, is a USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer and a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, who successfully competes and trains Andalusian/P.R.E. horses up to the Grand Prix Level.  Julie has decades of experience assessing horses, developing horses, including Andalusians/P.R.E.s, and creating training plans that 

set the tone and foundation for the entire relationship with your horse.

Call or email us, and let us know exactly what your goals are,

and we will find a way to help you achieve those your objectives!